Our Projects

Your R50.00 donation is a family meal.

There are many reasons why you or your company should make charitable donations, and any reason that motivates you is a good one. Donating to charities can help change your lifestyle, business and work culture. One of the most immediate benefits to you or your business from supporting a charity is being able to get a charitable donation tax deduction.

A R4000.00 Pallet house can be someones home.

Homelessness is one of the most complicated social issues with a wide range of underlying social and economic factors, which include uncertain mental and physical health, lack of affordable housing, poverty, addictions, political policy as well as family and community breakdown. .

Help us restore their dignity

Many women and children who have survived a series of domestic violence episodes turn to homeless service programs like ours, our purpose is to provide a temporary but safe place to stay after they have fled abusive relationships. The other reason for turning to a homeless service program is that such women and children do not have enough financial resources to maintain a house or place of living.

The Bus School Project

An employer will be looking for computer skills on your resume, and that means the job seekers need to be able to know how to use a computer when they are applying for the job. With the continued help of generous community support, from great people like yourself. We can help a lot of people with the opportunity to learn.

The Pensioner program

We are all getting older and the elderly need to know that we respect and love them, but more than that, they have to know they are needed. We create in job training programs where the elderly can share their wisdom and experience with the youth. Giving them a purpose.

Keeping the doors open

Ever just needed that small amount to keep going for one more month? By helping families to stay in their houses for just another month or a business to keep its doors open for just one more month is definitely a something we all needed at some stage in our lives.