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Most non-profit organisations depend on donations from the public. The South African Government has recognised this and to encourage the generosity of the public, has provided a tax deduction for certain donations made by taxpayers.


Section 18A of the ITA makes provision for the issuing of tax-deductible receipts. Tax deductible receipts, in this regard, must be approved by the TEU and is restricted to specific approved organisations, which uses donations to fund specific approved public benefit activities.When a bona fide donation is made to a section 18A-approved organisation, the donor/taxpayer is entitled to deduct the value of the donation from its taxable income.


Candle Rock has been approved for purposes of 18A(1)(a) which means that donations to our cause

are tax deductible.

Donations made to or by Candle Rock are exempt from tax.

Candle Rock is also exempt from paying estate duty in terms of the Estate Duty Act No.45 of 1955.

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