How Candle Rock came to be.

How Candle Rock Started.

Candle Rock started as a non profit organisation dedicated to helping families in 2010 at that time we were called "PIT se Plek upliftment" our mission and goal was to help families with food, shelter, clothes and most of all to lead people from all walks of life back to GOD.

During the Lockdown we realized that the need has become overwhelming as at that time we were giving out 60 to 90 plates of food per day from our own pockets and those of a couple of close friends.

We decided to register a non profit company with CIPRA and so in 2021 Candle Rock was Born.

After a lot of trail and error we learned that we could register Candle Rock with SARS as a tax exempt company witch would give companies and individuals the motivation to donate to our cause, by means of a annual tax deduction.

In August 2021 Candle Rock was registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organization.

After spending hours, days, months and now years learning about running a non profit company we finally have a Google ads grant for $10 000 per month.